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The Tianchi Monster 2020 HDRip HDRip Mandarin HC CHI-ENG H264
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The Tianchi Monster 2020 HDRip HDRip Mandarin HC CHI-ENG H264 10-BIT BONE

Director: Zhu Dongxian
Screenwriter: Zhu Dongxian
Starring: Ding Chuanhui / Hua Lanxiang / Huang Shelai / Jiang Junmin / Lu Yuan / Wang Qi / Wang Xinyu / Wu Hao
Genre: Drama / Animation / Adventure
Production Country / Region: Mainland China
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Subtitles: HC ENG- CHI
Release date: 2019-07-19 (Mainland China)
Duration: 84 minutes
aka: Tianchi Water Monster Reappears Jianghu / TheTianchiMonster
Douban Rating: No rating

According to legend, there is a millennium ginseng in the depths of the ancient Changbai Mountain, and this ginseng is guarded by the heavenly stars, and a water monster is suppressed below the millennium ginseng. The mysterious tribe at the foot of Changbai Mountain is also because of this millennium. Ginseng's guard has been living a peaceful and peaceful life. Until one day, suddenly the stars are dim, disaster strikes, and evil returns to the world. Can the people in the mysterious tribe survive the disaster? Can the warriors turn the danger and defend their home ...
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