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Di Renjies Ghost Hand 2020 720p Mandarin HC CHI H264 BONE
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Di Renjies Ghost Hand 2020 720p Mandarin HC CHI H264 BONE

Director: Fang Yinghua
Years: 2020
Starring: He Xin Candle Decoration Hong Girl Zhu Hong Decoration Wuxian Wei Xia Haonan Decoration Di Renjie

Several county magistrates in Penglai County died bizarrely. Di Renjie was ordered to investigate the case, and the case had just arrived. The masked assassin assassinated Di Renjie, and the bizarre rescue by the county's Weiwu Yong, made Di Renjie find suspicious of the county cricket. However, the county magistrate died suddenly at home, the clue pointing to the misty forest. Chased into the foggy forest, but made an ambush, fortunately the iron hands rescued. Along the county's clues, it was found that the Dongzhao people had suspicious signs. When they were about to catch, they suddenly killed the white members and ran away. Xiaofeng Baifeng outside the white member volunteered to move into the county. In the evening, Wu Yong brought back the Dong People who were killed, but Hong Hong disappeared strangely. At night, when Di Renjie inspected the Dongren people, he found doubts and set up traps. He successfully captured Bai Feng who wanted to assassinate Di Renjie and got the truth in the foggy forest. Di Renjie led a man to surround the real murderer, and found that it was the county Wei Wuyong. Wu Yong was furious and angry when he learned that everything had been revealed. He wanted to kill Di Renjie and was killed by everyone.